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High Life 13 Absolutely Amazing Never Seen Before Pictures Reveal How These Certain Foods...

13 Absolutely Amazing Never Seen Before Pictures Reveal How These Certain Foods Are Grown

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Food is heaven, isn’t it? We all enjoy eating delicious foods but most of us have absolutely no idea how that food grows or is produced. See these pictures you will leave jaw-dropped!

1) Pineapples

Contrary to what some people think, pineapples don’t grow on trees — they grow out of the ground on spikey looking bushes. The fruit grows in the middle of the plant.

2) Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds grow in little pods of sprouts plants that grow straight up and tall out of the ground.

3) Artichokes

They grow under big pretty purple flowers having feathery tops.

4) Brussel Sprouts

They look like the bunch of little cabbages as they grow in a cluster. They grow from a leafy green plant that is about 2.5 to 4 cm in diameter.

5) Pistachios

The yummy dry fruit grows in clusters on trees. Did you know? It takes seven to ten years for these trees to get significant production with peak production being reached around 20 years.

6) Groundnuts

As the name suggests they grow under the ground. Their plants above the ground have little yellow flowers.

7) Vanilla Bean

Love Vanilla flavor? Ever wonder how its plant look like? It is a flowering plant with white flowers. The plant produces long pods that are treated and dried.

8) Kiwi

Their yards are exactly like grape yards. It starts out as a flower. The flower turns into kiwis that hang down until they are ready to be harvested.

9) Cashews

Cashews are super weird looking. They grow on trees that produce cashew apples, then the nuts grow out of the apples.

10) Almonds

The little flowers turn into pods and inside those pods are almonds.

11) Cinnamon

It is a dried tree bark.

12) Cardamom

The fragrance of this spice can make anyone go mad after food. It grows on bushes just a little above the ground. It starts with a white and pink flower then turn into pods.

13) Walnuts

They grow on trees in clusters. They look like little guavas when they are raw.

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