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World North Korea Releases Some Dreadful Photos Featuring Torture of American Soldiers

North Korea Releases Some Dreadful Photos Featuring Torture of American Soldiers

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The propaganda paintings showing the US torcher in North Korea are once again in the headlines. These paintings feature the atrocities of American Soldiers on North Koreans during the Korean War. These paintings were prepared in 2005.

In one of the photos, three American soldiers are torturing a Korean woman and they seem to be lifting her teeth with tongs. In the second photo, American Soldiers are seen cutting pieces of a man’s head with a sharp tool. In another photo, Soldiers hold a newborn baby at a gunpoint and pushes him into the well.

Some of these paintings are in North Korea’s Sinchon Museum showing the cruelty of American Soldiers in North Korean War. The name of the museum is itself Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities. In 2014 when dictator Kim Jong visited this museum with his sister, he called the Americans as cannibals and killers.

Why North Korea and America have issues?

Due to the Donald Trump’s reaction to North Korea’s missile program and Kim Jong’s war threats to the USA. The situation in Korean Peninsula has become crucial. North Korea is accusing President Donald Trump that he is planning a war against them. On the other hand, the US alleging North Korea for the same, after his missile program. The USA is also saying that it is fully prepared for the attack on North Korea.

What is Sinchon genocide?

According to North Korea claims, the South Korean military had massacred North Korean people under the influence of US in this genocide in Sinchon from 17 October to 7 December 1950. As per the claims, soldiers had killed more than 35 thousand people in just 52 days.




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