Fans Got Angry At Ankita Lokhande’s Dress, Said- ‘At least don’t insult the God’

Ankita Lokhande, the famous TV actress, has been in the headlines ever since the demise of her ex boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput....
High Life This Is What Happens When You Ask Wrong Guy For Help!

This Is What Happens When You Ask Wrong Guy For Help!

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All of want to look good especially in our profile pictures. Most of use even edit it to enhance our smartness or to look better. We have at least one friend who is good at editing but its our bad luck that he don’t get how to edit.

Here are 20 examples of editing which gone wrong either because of their bad luck or the person didn’t get how to edit:

1. Want a Tattoo? Here it is. No gratitude please  😎

Editing fails in photoshop

2. I don’t think he meant that  😉

Editing goes wrong

3. Use as profile pic? It may take some time

photoshop editing

4. I am sorry. Its difficult to be at two different places at one time

funny editing

5. Its true, man without beard look like a kid

editing pics got funny

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