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News Pigeon Caught Smuggling 170 Ecstasy Pills In Homemade 'Backpack'

Pigeon Caught Smuggling 170 Ecstasy Pills In Homemade ‘Backpack’

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In earlier days Pigeons were used to carry love letters and messages from one place to another. But, now with the upgradation of humans, pigeons are also promoted to do some bigger tasks. According to Al Arabiya, a homing pigeon was caught trying to smuggle drugs into Kuwait.

Pigeon Caught Smuggling 170 Ecstasy Pills In Homemade 'Backpack'
Source: Daily Mirror

Kuwaiti customs seized 178 pills wrapped in a homemade ‘backpack’ around the pigeon. Custom department employees tracked a pigeon that was coming from Iraq and finally caught the bird above a building near the department office, in the capital Kuwait City.

Pigeon Smuggling 178 Ecstasy Pills In A Tiny Backpack Gets Busted In Kuwait
Source: Daily Mirror

Also in 2015, guards at a Costa Rican prison caught a pigeon carrying 14 grams of cocaine and cannabis over the walls of the jail.

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