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News A Mysterious Village in India Where Newly-wed Brides Stay Naked For 5...

A Mysterious Village in India Where Newly-wed Brides Stay Naked For 5 Days

We have learned from our books that human is a social animal. He needs a society to grow. So we are bounded by some rules or traditions to follow no matter what. This practice makes us stick to each other. As often we see, every place has its own rules or traditions which are followed by the people of that specific area. But sometimes these traditions are weird and make us think for a minute.

Relatable to this,┬átoday we will tell you about something that will shock you completely. You will get surprised to know that in our country India, there is a place where newly-married women stay without clothes or fully naked for 5 days. Isn’t it so weird to hear? But it is true! This tradition is following by the people from years.

The place we are talking about is a village named Pini situated at Manikarn valley, Himachal Pradesh. This weird ritual is followed by every person in the village. The newly-wed women is not allowed to wear clothes and also they stay away from their husbands for 5 days. The native people do so in order to protect them from evil’s eye.

The tradition is also being followed for the betterment of the newly-wed couple as the people believe it brings a good fortune. If someone refuses to follow this, it will consider as a bad omen.

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