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“Pink” Is Not Just A Color, It Has A Deeper Meaning To It Than You Think !

“Pink” movie which was released on 16th September starring Amitabh Bachchan , Tapsee Pannu directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is widely being considered as one the best films based on woman empowerment. The movie main focus is the attitude our Indian society holds for young and independent girls, the difficulties girls go through in their daily life.

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The title of the movie strikes when you hear it “Pink”, why the makers of this movie decided to name this women-centric film “Pink” is a huge question and topic of  amazing confusion. Whosoever has watched this movie or will in coming future  must be aware of the meaning of this bold title.

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Shoojit Sarkar said in an interview that the people will understand the meaning of this title after watching the film, which has a very deep meaning to it. PINK, pink says that we all are  prostitutes ! 

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PINK in common street slang in so many countries means vagina of the sort that is bought, with violence, used as  – “I’m gonna go get me some pink”. The movie which is already a hit is not just a movie, it has another role to play in our society, especially ! It has been craeted to enlighten men and the whole society. 

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Another noteworthy thing in the movie which also symbolizes something is actress Tapsee Pannu collarbone Tattoo ! Did you notice ? No, it’s okay it is a genuine mistake. 

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The flying bird Tatto holds a profound meaning – “FREE HER” ! Free her from the questioning staring eyes, from your partial judging, do not give her a title of your analyses. This tattoo went unnoticed though it holds a very deep meaning to it.

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