Internet star Piyah Martell is in news. She is getting viral for a different kind of video — a sex tape that she reportedly just released to the internet. According to the reports, she released this video in response to a question from someone about whether Martell is able to have sex? Piyah Martell responded to this question by actually releasing a sex tape of herself with an unidentified man.

This sex tape is taking everyone with surprise. The 27 years old Piyah reveals that she has good sex life. According to her initially, she struggled for years to find her love but now enjoys wonderful sex life and of course, her viral sex tape is a proof!

Those who don’t know about her, Piyah Martell is an internet star. She rose to fame by posting music videos of her performing on songs by divas like Mariah Carey and Beyonce, and has built up a loyal following on YouTube, Facebook and Myspace.

Piyah is not normal like us, she was born with a body disorder, caudal regression syndrome, in which her spine and legs did not develop properly in the womb. Piyah, from Sacramento, California, was born as Pedro Martell, but announced to her parents at the age of 15 that she feels more like a girl.

Piyah had a childhood of hardships. She lost her real mother at seven, and being bullied at school because she was different. Her stepmother raised her well just like a normal kid and this is what made her strong she says.

Piyah still walks on her hands but uses a wheelchair to avoid becoming tired. She also has a boyfriend who loves her and supports her. Piyah has a huge number of fan following on social media.