The U.S. appeared to move one step closer towards the possibility, however remote, of having its first ever Indian-American president when Louisiana Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (44) made his 2016 campaign announcement on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

On the micro-blogging site he said, “I’m running for President of the U.S. Join me,” and “There were three people I think you would agree my wife Supriya and I had to tell first…” with a link to his campaign website showing video clips of the Jindal family talking about his entry in their back garden.

Here are some facts about him:
1. Jindal was born with the name Piyush. As a child, though, he decided to go by Bobby after his favorite character, Bobby Brady, from The Brady Bunch. His name still legally remains Piyush.

2. Jindal, now 44, is the 55th governor of Louisiana. He was sworn in on January 14, 2008 and again January 9, 2012 after winning re-election.

3. Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 10, 1971 to Amar and Raj Jindal, immigrants from Punjab, India. Raised in a Hindu family, Jindal converted to Catholicism as a teenager. He and his wife, Supriya Jolly, married in 1997 and have three sons; he and his family now attend weekly mass at Saint Aloysius Parish in Baton Rouge.

4. Jindal’s morning on August 15, 2006 started early, when his wife awoke in the middle of the night from labor pains. The couple’s third son, Slade, arrived before the ambulance, so Jindal had to help deliver his son with some assistance from a nurse on the phone. Jindal expressed both surprise and relief at the circumstances of the quick birth. “We were very fortunate,” he said at the time, “We certainly didn’t expect this.”

5. According to USA Today, Jindal likes to work out more than an hour each day. While he enjoys biking and lifting weights, he doesn’t steer clear of junk food. Chocolate chip cookies, nachos and cheese, and pizza are some of his favorites, USA Today reports.

6. Jindal’s wife, Supriya Jindal, studied chemical engineering at Tulane University.

7. Jindal was praised for his response to 2008’s Hurricane Gustav, organizing and overseeing a massive evacuation effort of roughly 2 million Louisiana citizens.

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