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News Surprisingly These Places Have Banned Justin Bieber

Surprisingly These Places Have Banned Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber, the worldwide pop-sensation can make anyone go gaga over him! But there exist some places that don’t like this pop star to visit them. Let’s take a look at some notable places that took heroic measures to make sure the Biebs never comes back.

1) Argentina

Argentina hates Justin Bieber! During a show in the past Bieber reportedly defiled the Argentine flag on stage, and after he allegedly unleashed a bodyguard on a photographer outside a nightclub, a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was eventually dismissed. Later in 2016 when Bieber tried to perform in the country again as the part of his 2016 Purpose tour, the government said a big no to him.

2) The Middle East

According to TMZ, Bieber’s Purpose album was rejected in “several Middle Eastern countries, as well as Indonesia.” The reason according to the reports was his shirtless photo on his album cover with a cross tattoo on chest.

3) TV commercials in the UK

In the year 2012,

Katy Perry and Bieber shot ads for the skincare line, but they were quickly pulled from UK airwaves. The reason was the British version of the products doesn’t have the same active ingredients as the U.S. line. The UK Advertising Standards Authority stated that,

“In that context, we, therefore, considered the claims of continued use had not been substantiated. We concluded that the ads were misleading. The ads must not appear again in their current form.”

4) Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Back in 2013, Bieber and six of his bros showed up to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving at closing time. When fined with $1,600 bill, Bieber allegedly agreed to give the business an Instagram shout-out in lieu of cash. According to the reports, Bieber “actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did.” As a result, Bieber is now on the facility’s no-fly list for life.

5) Passage club in Vienna, Austria

In the year his 2013, during his Believe tour,

At the Passage club in Vienna, Austria, Bieber’s bodyguards allegedly ran roughshod over fans and customers alike, destroying cameras and smashing cell phones. This led to his ban to the club.

6) China

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture has banned the singer because of his series of misbehaviors while living abroad and during his performances in China has caused public resentment.

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