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High Life 8 Places That Men Love To Be Touched by Women

8 Places That Men Love To Be Touched by Women

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Intimacy is very important in a relationship. However, in a race of life, we often have some bad mood days, this mood sometimes ruins your good lovable moments. So if you want to turn them into the good read out how to make your man turn on, on you and stressing out his strain by touching him at the places he loves to get touched by you!

1) Face

According to some studies, a kind of male energy related to male sexual drive released when someone touches their face.  This makes them turn on. Try to soothe your partner’s mood by gently running your fingers over his face or by giving him a face massage.

2) Neckline

The next in the line is neckline.  It holds the thyroid gland and they get stimulated when someone touches the neck with love. It led to the body’s metabolism and sexual drive. Instead of hands, you can also use your lips.

3) Ears

It also makes ladies on! It is one of the softest parts of our body. An earlobe is a place where a number of nerves end. So touching earlobe every time will make him go crazy. You can use your fingers, lips and teeth to touch that part.

4) Hands

Holding hands of your loved ones is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Circle your fingers starting from the outer edge of his palm, slowly moving towards the center. This will create a magic!

5) Spine

Just touch his lower back, it is a sure shot way to arousal. Move and rub your fingers on the region just above the hip bone. This will generate heat, warm his skin and relax him.

6) Knees

Touch the area behind his knees, the number of nerves present at that particular delicate portion will stimulate his senses. It will also provide the ticklish sensations.

7) Bellybutton

Make illusionistic circles with fingers around his navel and then go towards the outer edge. You can also use a feather or an ice cube to make it more pleasurable for him.

8) Hair

Just run your fingers in his hair, gently and sensually. Mover your fingers up and down and while doing so touch his neck and ears.

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