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High Life Plan Your Holiday With Travel Loan: Know Why?

Plan Your Holiday With Travel Loan: Know Why?

The International Trip gives you a chance to experience a completely new culture, new environment, and new cuisine leaving unforgettable memories behind. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, more than 50 million Indians traveled abroad in 2019.

But traveling abroad requires a huge amount, and in such a situation you can strengthen your financial position by obtaining travel finance from a third party. Holiday loans are a great way to meet your expenses, as they are collateral free and you can use the loan amount at your own will. In fact, according to a recent study, travel was one of the reasons why people apply for personal loans. In this article, you will know why the holiday loan is becoming a popular way to finance your travel.

With a holiday loan, you can get a large amount of approval. Whether you are going to the USA, or going to Europe or South-East Asia, this money is sufficient for all expenses related to your trip. Major financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv provide Personal Loans for Travel up to Rs 25 lakh and can comfortably arrange all the major expenses incurred during the journey. Depending on the place you are going to visit, the amount of money received through the loan should be sufficient enough for the transportation of air tickets, hotel accommodation, tour packages, meals and other expenses related to it.

The time period for repaying personal loans suits your convenience, allowing you to split your holiday expenses over several months. For example, Bajaj Finance services offer a time period of up to 5 years and you can choose any time period according to your budget. When choosing a time period, keep in mind that the length of time reduces the amount of monthly payments for you, however, If your budget allows you to pay more EMIs, you can quickly repay the loan by choosing a shorter time period. You can use the online personal loan EMI calculator to decide the time period and other things related to the loan.

Personal loan companies have set some rules regarding loans, For example, you must be between 23 and 55 years old, have a permanent source of income and meet minimum wage requirements. Apart from this, if your CIBIL score is 750 or more, you can get a large amount and low-interest personal loans. Along with this travel loans being collateral-free needs least documents. Usually, KYC documents, salary slip, employee ID card and bank statement of your salary account are sufficient for this.

To help you arrange for unexpected expenses during the journey, Bajaj Finserv offers you a Flexi loan. This way you can borrow and repay the funds in a more convenient way. Due to this facility, you can withdraw from the approved amount multiple times without a new application. Interest is charged only on the amount withdrawn, not on the entire amount of money accepted. Also, when you have additional funds, you can prepay your loan at no charge. In addition, you can choose to pay interest only on the initial EMIs within the repayment period without burdening your budget.

All these facilities prove that personal loan for travel is the most attractive way for you to finance your next trip abroad. Actually, by choosing Bajaj Finserv, you can get loan approval in 5 minutes, and get the money within 24 hours of it. So if you are going on vacation, then check your pre-approved offer without any hesitation. In this way, you get financial support for your trip without any delay with the help of a customized and better financing deal.

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