Trending PM Modi Saves Photographers Life At Inauguration Of SAUNI Project

PM Modi Saves Photographers Life At Inauguration Of SAUNI Project

The alertness of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the inauguration Saurashtra Narmada Avataran Irrigation (SAUNI) project near Jamnagar on Tuesday saved the lives of several cameramen and photographers, Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel informed.

pm modi saves photographers life
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A Doordarshan cameraman was standing near a spot close to the dam, when PM Modi spotted him, and alerted him to move away as the dam water would flow in a rush towards him.

The cameraman moved in the nick of time, thanks to the PM. However, the camera was washed away when the water was released at Aji Dam from the Narmada River.

Reports from ANI state that the camera and the tripod were recovered later and the DD cameraman was also safe.

“He suddenly noticed that several cameramen and photographers were standing on the downstream side. The strong flow of water released a little while ago was racing towards them and could have washed them away,” Patel said.

Busy taking photographs of the event, the cameramen and photographers were seemingly unaware of it. But by clapping his hands and with other gestures the Prime Minister alerted them and they escaped in time.

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