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News PM Narendra Modi Is Undemocratic, Only Likes Embedded Journalism Not Criticism

PM Narendra Modi Is Undemocratic, Only Likes Embedded Journalism Not Criticism

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There are numerous evil sides of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the NDA government, both are the same thing it seems. Most of the Indians talk about Narendra Modi in a positive way but there are negative faces of the invincible charmer. Here are some points which every Indian should know, according to Quora:

Narendra Modi

Hate Speeches

Hate Speeches has almost stalled India from working properly. Many pro-BJP are involved in the things which affect secularism of the country.  The Government have to deal it with seriousness and concrete steps should be taken to avoid this.

narendra modi

Source: NDTV

Black Money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promise of bringing black money in 100 days has expired. What are the actions government is planning regarding countering black money? No idea!!

Destroying The Secular Fabric Of India

Beef ban, Gau rakshaks and Love jihad are the most controversial topics nowadays in India. Look, guys, secularism is an integral part of our country. There are problems in Ganga belt, regarding Hindutva.

narendra modi

Taking Away Freedom of Speech And Expression

Any voice which goes against the government or Narendra Modi is tagged or designated as anti-national. Most importantly, morphed videos and photos are circulated on social media. Some so-called nationalists are ordering people to leave India and to go Pakistan.

Relations with Pakistan

The condition is getting just worse. No positive output has come until now in improving the bilateral relationship between both the countries. Both sides are now blaming each other for fostering terrorism. The arrest of Indian Navy officer Kulbushan Jadhav, in the restive Balochistan province of Pakistan, has further complicated the situation.


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