News As Obama Set To Depart, PM Modi To Become World's Most Followed...

As Obama Set To Depart, PM Modi To Become World’s Most Followed Leader

As on Friday US President, Barack Obama makes way for Donald Trump as the 45th US President, India’s PM Narendra Modi will become the most followed World Leader on Social Media. Obama holds this post right now with almost 81 million followers on Social Media.

Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India who has promoted modern and digitised way of communication and also used technology in governance to reach out to citizens of India.

Modi top leader on social media

After Modi with almost 26.5 followers on Twitter the next political figure is Donald Trump with 20.5 million followers. After them come the PMO India account with 15.5 million followers and the POTUS with 13.6 million followers. White House is also in the race with 13.4 million followers, above Dalai Lama with 13.1 million followers.

Currently Modi’s followers on Twitter are 26.5 million, Facebook 39.2 million, Instagram 5.8 million, LinkedIn 1.99 million, Google+ 3.2 million and YouTube 5,91,000.

Modi's followers on social media

His Mobile app named “Narendra Modi” with downloads figuring 10 million is at the top as an app for political figure. Prime Minister invites regular suggestions for various issues through this app and also has various other uses.

It is worth mentioning that most followed people on social media are not political leaders but the entertainers- Katy Perry is on the top with 95.3 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift with 91.2 million and 83.1 million followers respectively.

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