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Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Are you also fed up of hearing stories of your friends that how they fell into a bush or missed their chemistry lecture while catching a Pokemon. The main reason behind those stories is the Nintendo’s newly released game Pokemon Go.

The Game Basically Works On iOS And Android And Is Really Too Much Fun To Play

pokemon go gameplay
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The game works on the new Augmented Reality technology which means combining up the real world and imagination through some modes of virtual reality. The game uses your phone’s camera to serve that purpose and shows various Pokemons in your locality.

The main objective of the game is same as that of the cartoon’s leading character “Gotta Catch Em All“. People can catch various kinds of Pokemon in this game and even battle.

To Battle In The Game You First Need To Increase Your Level To Level 5 First

Well, what can be the strangest thing a person could have met while playing the game?

pokemon go squirtle
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A 19yr old American girl, Shayla, found a dead body in the Wyoming river while playing the game and there are also reports that robbers are also trying to trap people by using this game.

Although the game is fun for many people, but it can also create problems for other people. Such incidents have really occurred at many places where people have been even reported to contact police when they saw strangers roaming into their lawns. In reality, those people were actually the normal citizens and were only trying to catch the pokemon which the game was showing in the scared person’s location.

Do You Still Remember The Series?

Pokemon go Abra
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The Pokemon series was really one of the most famous cartoon series of almost all the children and people have liked the game because somewhere in their minds, they are still attached to the series because of the happy and fun memories of their childhood.

So now which Pokemon fan would like to let the wonderful chance of catching his favourite pokemon go so easily?

The Limitations Of The Game:

Although the game is really nice and fun for all but it does have some limitations too. First, the game requires a proper internet connection to work for which everyone prefers to use a WiFi, now what’s the problem? That no one can get WiFi easily everywhere and that’s also complete 24 hours of day.

Pokemon go pikachu
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The game also drains the memory of a smartphone very much as it uses WiFi, GPS, processor and speaker altogether. Due to the need of high processing unit, Pokemon Go also heats up a smartphone very much and as the GPS also remains active all the time playing the game, it can also add security threats to your safety very much.

So with these much high requirements, we can suggest that only a person with a high-end smartphone can easily play the game with no trouble.

The game is free to download on the official Android and iOS store but has been only released in the USA, New Zealand And Australia.

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