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Pooja Mishra Bigg Boss 5 Contestant Beats Hotel Staff After Not Paying Bills

Bigg Boss 5 Contestant Pooja Mishra beat up hotel staff including the Manager after not paying her bills and when she was asked to do so by the Manager and the staff she replied with blows to the staff!

Apparently ex-model Pooja Mishra was staying at a Hotel in Dwarka and has broken some things there for which not only did she refused to pay but also went batshit crazy on the hotel stuff and also abused and beat them up for asking her to clear her dues.

Pooja Mishra was also in the limelight back in the year for filing harrasment complaints against an industrialist and Bollywood Celebs such as Isha Koppikar and Sonakshi Sinha. And now again shes back in news all for the wrong reasons!

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