Videos Poonam Pandey Recreated The Baywatch Video Because.. Umm.. She Can !

Poonam Pandey Recreated The Baywatch Video Because.. Umm.. She Can !

Everyone knows Poonam Pandey and the fact that she always have something up her sleeves. Be it making promise to strip down for the cricket team on winning the world cup or claiming to be the most searched model in the internet, Poonam knows well how to be in the news.

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She was recently vacating in the the Maldives, and while you are on a vacation, you tend to have ideas right ?

poonam pandey hot baywatch video

Similarly Poonam Pandey came up with one and decided to create her own ‘Baywatch’ video, because, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

So she wore a red swimsuit, and rolled around in the sand, ran on the beach and rubbed some sand on herself also, all while smiling at the camera. Do you think she gave the real ‘Baywatch’ some competition ? Leave your views in the comments section below.

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