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News Poonam Pandey Speaks The Truth About Getting Arrested, Watch Video!

Poonam Pandey Speaks The Truth About Getting Arrested, Watch Video!

There was news about actress Poonam Pandey that the Mumbai Police have taken action against her and she has been arrested. It was surfaced that she had committed the violation during the lockdown.

poonam pandey not arrested

After this news, people were quite shocked and many kinds of things were surfacing on social media about Poonam Pandey. With this, a video of actress Poonam Pandey has come out in which she is giving her reaction to the news of her arrest.

poonam pandey not arrested

The news is not true- Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey has completely rejected that any action has been taken against her or she has been arrested.

poonam pandey hot pics

I was doing a movie marathon

Poonam Pandey has posted a video of this news and said … ‘Hello guys, I did a movie marathon last night and I watched three movies together.

poonam pandey not arrested

I am okay and at home

The amazing thing was that .. I have been getting calls since last night that I have been arrested and I have seen this in the news too. Friends, don’t write all this about me because I am at home and completely fine.’

Significantly, after this video of Poonam Pandey, it must have been confirmed that the news that came out the previous day was completely wrong.

Watch Video:

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