Entertainment Poonam Pandey Strips Off Her Clothes Again, But What's The Reason This...

Poonam Pandey Strips Off Her Clothes Again, But What’s The Reason This Time ?

After creating headlines with numerous hot videos, controversy queen and online sensation Poonam Pandey’s name is once again in everyone’s mouth after sharing her video on social media in these days. In this video, she is taking off her clothes in front of the camera.

Why is she putting off her clothes this time ?



She shared a video named “Dictate to defeat” is the part of breast cancer awareness program. First, she is stripping in the video and later giving a message which is related to Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is spreading rapidly in women nowadays and across the country, NGO and other organizations are conducting programs to aware the women to this illness.



Early detection provides 98 percent of  recovery:Poonam

Poonam is revealing in this video while talking about the symptoms that to identify the Cancer in ladies takes hardly two minutes. She further said no any lady has to hesitate as it  is matter of their body. Poonam has already participated in several social awareness programs.


Poona told in early detection provides a 98% chance of recovery. Regular two-minute self-examination will help diagnose the disease in its early stages. I support all of you good –looking ladies she added. The video of Poonam is a must watch to support all the people to make in the awareness of breast cancer and She has really left it with her intellectual and sharp qualities.

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