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World Popcorn Seller Built His Own Plane With TV And Online Blueprint, Caught...

Popcorn Seller Built His Own Plane With TV And Online Blueprint, Caught Pakistani Air Force’s Attention

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After seeing TV and online blueprint a man in Pakistan who sells popcorn built his own plane. 32 years old Muhammad Fayyaz has caught the attention of media, people and Pakistan’s Air Force when he launched his plane made by him. The engine of the plane has made from a road cutter, the wings are burlap and the wheels are borrowed from a rickshaw.

Pakistan Air Force praised Fayyaz for his incredible creation and also gave him a certificate. Half-educated, Fayyaz live in Tabur village of Punjab province. Pakistan Air Force’s representatives have now visited him multiple times and there has been a steady stream of visitors wanting to view his creation.

“I was literally in the air. I couldn’t feel anything else,” Fayyaz said after taking his first flight in a machine. It was Fayyaz’s childhood dream to join Air Force but his father died while he was in school, forcing him to drop out at the eighth standard and do odd jobs to feed his family of 7 including him, mother and his five younger siblings. In the day he worked as a popcorn seller, by night as a security guard.

But if destiny has some good plans for you nothing can stop you. Fayyaz has become a hero after this wonderful creation. He learned to make a plane by watching episodes of the National Geographic Channel’s Air Crash Investigation for insight into thrust, air pressure, torque, propulsion. Also took help of the cheap internet access. He sold a piece of family land and took a loan of 50,000 rupees ($350).

Fayyaz chose March 23 to launch his plane, several people gathered but before Fayyaz could even start the engine, the police arrived and arrested him, saying his plane is a threat to security. The court released him with a 3,000 rupees ($19) fine after Pakistan Air Force intervened. Officer Zafar Iqbal explained: “The plane was returned to him as a goodwill gesture. Should he obtain a flying license or permit, he is free to fly.”

After this, he got viral on social media and netizens called him a hero. His plane can cover a distance of 120 kph as claimed by him.

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