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High Life Popular Health Myths That You Should Stop Following For Betterment

Popular Health Myths That You Should Stop Following For Betterment

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Stress will turn your hair grey. Eating carrots will give you an excellent night vision. There is no scarcity of free advice everywhere. But thanks to the internet and millions of health sites on it, which are doctors of today’s generation.

It is important that we should separate myth from the fact. So here are popular 5 myths that you should stop following right now:

Mythmyths about health that we should stop now

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Fact: You should spit out excess toothpaste after brushing but should not rinse because rinsing will wash away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste thus diluting it and reducing its effects.

Mythmyths about health you should stop following

Fact: Due to the acidic environment of the mouth the enamel on your teeth is at its softest after eating. So either you should wait an hour after eating before brushing or you could brush away the enamel too.

Mythreading in dark can damage your eyes

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Fact: Reading in dark can cause headache and eye strain but it don’t have long lasting effects. When reading in dark one should ensure that there is light shining directly onto the page, however it should not come over your shoulder as this can cause glare.

Mytheating carrots will help you see in the dark

Fact: Carrots are though good for eye’s health as it contains Vitamin A, but it does not help to see in the dark. This myth started out as British propaganda to conceal a new radar used by the RAF from the enemy during World War II. Rather than revealing that pilots are able to see during blackouts due to this radar they put it down to eating carrots.

Mythsitting too close to a screen will damage your eyes

Fact: Sitting close to a screen might be sign that you need glasses. Your computer screen should be at an arm’s length and the top of screen should level with your eyes and titled slightly upwards.

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