News Popular Indian Comedian Dies On-stage, Audience Thought he was Performing And Started...

Popular Indian Comedian Dies On-stage, Audience Thought he was Performing And Started Clapping

In a piece of very shocking news, an Indian stand-up comedian died on stage while he was giving a performance. The 36 years old Manjunath Naidu dies due to the high level of anxiety while performing on-stage in front of a packed audience in Dubai. He suffered a cardiac arrest and ultimately died of it.

Meanwhile, his performance, he complained of the high level of anxiety hence sat down on the bench next to him and collapsed onto the floor. However, the audience didn’t get it and thought he was performing as per the part of the script.

Manjunath Naidu was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia. He was born in Abu Dhabi but later shifted base to Dubai. Miqdaad Dohadwala, his friend and fellow comedian told the media that, “He was the last act in the line-up. He went on stage and was making people laugh with his stories. He was talking about his father and family. And then he got into a story of how he suffers from anxiety. And a minute into the story he collapsed.”

He went on to tell that it was sad knowing that the audience presented there thought it was part of the act. They started clapping while he was collapsing on the floor, thinking it as a joke as Manjunath was talking about anxiety. Dohadwala said that the paramedics could not revive him. “His parents passed away and he has a brother but no relatives here. All in the arts and comedy circle are his family” he added.

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