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Popular Websites That Started Out As Something Way Different




Not every big website acclaimed popularity in just one night. Like all things, it takes time, patience, hard-work and above all – skills. The websites you are used to today weren’t an instant hit the week or the month they were made.

For instance, here are the four websites that you most likely use daily. And how these websites’ purpose was slightly different back then –

1. Wikipedia Started With A Porn Search Engine

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia – is internet’s greatest research tool. But that’s not how it was started. In 1996, Jimmy Wales was co-founder of a search engine called Bomis. The search engine was designed to cater men. To be more exact, the search engine presented porn and other adult content.

Through sections like “Bomis Babes”, “Bomis Babe Report” and “Bomis Engine”, they pulled massive amounts of advertising revenue. Also, there was “Bomis Premium” section for members, to have access to premium content – a sum $2.95 for three days’ access was to be paid.

Founders sensed the change, that how people were looking for genuine information over the internet. Jimmy Wales used the funds and experience and poured it into creating Wikipedia as we know it today.

2. Twitter Originated As A Text Messaging Service

The social media giant – Twitter was a text messaging service. The website was nothing more than archive of user’s twexts. When started in 2006, twitter didn’t use data but decimated user’s SMS bills. However, today twitter only decimates the smartphone’s memory.

In 2011, the company was valued at $8.6 billion. In the following year, 2012, Twitter acquired vine – short-from video hosting service.

3. YouTube Started As A Video Dating Website

To gather interest and popularity for the website, the creators hit upon the idea of prompting it as a dating site, and using the slogan “Tune in. Hook Up”.

But that didn’t work and users still away. That’s when they decided to upload old videos of airplanes taking off and cat videos.

4. eBay Started As A Personal Homepage About Ebola Info

When it started in 1995, ebay was the personal homepage of its creator, Pierre Omidyar. And like most of personal homepages, it wasn’t very useful for most people. There were webpages dedicated to an alumni group, a biotech company, something called “AuctionWeb”. But there was another page called “Ebola Information.”

There was “a photograph of the virus that he had found on the Centers for Disease Control website.” After the section ‘Auctionweb’ took off, owner Pierre Omidyar made bank and ebay turned into the world-known e-commerce entity that it is today.

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