Pornhub user posts a maths problem in the comments section below the video; See what he gets in response


Pornhub Maths Coaching : Man asks Pornhub users for help with a maths problem – and gets it answer from a member of site.

As you all know PornHub website is the world’s biggest and popular porn site satisfying our carnal needs. But last week some thing very unique happened on the site when a user of the site posted a mathematical question in the comment section of the website under a porn video. And the best part of the story is that he got the solution of this mathematical problem from one of the user of PornHub.

This happened last week. A Pornhub user going by the handle of f_taylor had a mathematical problem and went to his fellow ‘Pornhub friends’ to help him with his query. f_taylor posted his question, about tangents, in the Pornhub comments section, and someone actually helped him.

We dont know whether the answer given by the user to f_taylor is correct or not but the way he use a porn site for his mathematical problem is quiet interesting.

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Also if you are struggling with a similar maths problem, You can get your answer form a porn site like PornHub. Happy Questioning ??