News Pornhub Assigns You A Duty To Have Sex In Panda Costume

Pornhub Assigns You A Duty To Have Sex In Panda Costume

On Thursday, Pornhub, an adult entertainment site announced the launch of its “Panda Style” Campaign, an initiative that’s part of the site’s humanitarian division, PornHub Cares. Basically, it wants you to dress up like a panda and film yourself having sex. Interestingly, Giant Pandas are not famous for their horniness. Male pandas spend most of their time eating and sleeping, and females are less interested in sex.

Pornhub wants you to have sex in panda style
Source: Inverse

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For every “Panda Style” video, Pornhub will donate $100 to panda conservation efforts. Also, from March 16 to April 16, it will donate one cent for every view of videos specifically in the “Panda Style” category.

Corey Price, vice president of PornHub, said in a statement: “Through this initiative, we hope to not only generate quality content scientists and zookeepers can use to show pandas, but also raise adequate funds for a nonprofit organization to ensure the livelihood of the world’s giant panda population.”These videos will then be screened by scientists… for pandas.

Pornhub urges you to do sex in Panda style
Source: PC Magazine

The giant panda lives in a few mountain ranges in central China, northern Myanmar and Vietnam. There are estimated 2,214 pandas in the world. It is a vulnerable species, threatened by continuous habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

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