Chilaxx Most Controversial TV Commercial Banned For Serving Highly Sensual Content And It’s...

Most Controversial TV Commercial Banned For Serving Highly Sensual Content And It’s Totally Killing

TV is the sure shot way to communicate with the targeted audience. Brand or companies know it well and they often try to experiment things that grab the attention of the audience. However, sometimes they do something wacky that goes wrong according to the copyrights of TV. 

This what happened when Porsche decided to do something a little different with its commercial. They made a commercial featuring a beautiful woman next to a beautiful car. She was donned in a long trench coat to deal with the weather and standing next to a silver Porsche parked outside in an alley. 

What she next do is really a hot thing to tell! She looks nearby to check if anyone else around while admiring the bold and edgy, silver curves along the body of the car until she can no longer contain her anticipation – so she opens up her coat and flashes the car.

This advertisement cannot be shown in household televisions. You can find out the reason by watching it here:

As you can clearly see the woman is not naked at all and cable television is at the point where side-boob is pretty much acceptable, but a woman in a bra isn’t? This commercial was considered objectionable for TV even in Europe where it originally aired. It’s just a bit of humor and serves nothing serious and sensuous at all.

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