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To Marry Prabhudeva This Actress Even Changed Her Religion But Their Love Story Ended Sadly

South’s superstar and Bollywood’s ace dancer, Prabhudeva has worked in a number of films. He is famous all over the world for his dance style. He has also directed many Bollywood films. Prabhudeva is also known as India’s Michael Jackson. He was fond of dancing since his childhood, his father was also a choreographer. Prabhudeva, after becoming a star tied the knot in 1995 but today we will tell you about his love story that remained incomplete.

Prabhudeva’s girlfriend was so in love with him that she changed her religion for him. But even then they failed to take their relationship to next level i.e marriage. She was none another than South’s famous actress Nayantara. There was a time when the couple made headlines. They dated each other for years. Prabhudeva was already married when he dated Nayantara. She insisted Prabhudeva for marriage and even changed her religion.

As Prabhudeva was already married that time and when his wife got to know about his extra marital affair she warned both him and Nayantara that she will go to the court. She also gave warning to starve herself to death. This scared both Prabhudeva and Nayantara and they decided to part their ways. The sad part is, Prabhudeva is not with his wife and girlfriend today, he divorced his wife Ramlath in 2011.

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