Entertainment Bollywood Famous Bollywood Actor Says His Drug Addiction Ruined His Life And Career

Famous Bollywood Actor Says His Drug Addiction Ruined His Life And Career

Drug addiction in Bollywood has destroyed many careers so far. recently, the movie Sanju revealed how Sanjay Dutt due to the addition of the drugs got involved in illegal things. This affected both his personal as well as professional life.

Now, another actor talks about his drug addiction and how it affected his film career. The actor is none other the son of yesteryear actor Raj Babbar, Prateik Babbar. He told the media that he blames himself as much as the “unfortunate circumstances” for his slow career. He said,

“Yes, I take full responsibility for my actions and blame myself and unfortunate circumstances together. I feel this decade of my journey in this industry has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride. I do not regret anything but one thing, that my grandparents were unable to see all the good in my life at this point in my life. I believe regrets are a burden and having them would only drag them down.”

Talking about the stigma being attached to those who are or were into drug abuse, Prateik said,

“For users, abusers and addicts being called a drug addict are much deeper than someone just bringing it up in a casual conversation. The topic is a very sensitive topic and needs to be addressed to any person in a very polite manner.”

Talking about his career further he said,

“I believe that content-driven impactful characters are a challenge to portray but are also iconic characters and that is something I feel that I am inclined towards and looking forward to.

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