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High Life Precautions To Be Taken While Making Love During Corona Era

Precautions To Be Taken While Making Love During Corona Era

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Social distancing is quite necessary during the time of the coronavirus. In such a situation, many questions are arising in the minds of couples. And the People are getting worried about the closeness with the partner. But a top Canadian doctor has given some suggestions about lovemaking in this phase of infection. According to him, some precautions can be taken if one wants to get close to the partner. So let’s know about them.

It may sound awkward, but the doctors say that during the time of the corona era the couples should avoid kisses for a long time during lovemaking. In fact, they say that applying a mask on the face during sex reduces the risk of coronavirus. As the corona is not the sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, it is improbable that it will be spread by semen or vaginal fluid. However, as per the doctor’s suggestion, especially doing any kind of sexual activity with a new partner can increase the risk of infection.

Even while having sex people should avoid kisses and face to face contact. And also one should wear a mask in which the nose and mouth are completely covered. After sexual activity, pay attention to the partner besides yourself. If you see any kind of symptoms tell each other and contact the doctor.

Many health experts have given different kinds of suggestions in this regard. Expert says that even if you live together, keep a distance of at least two meters between each other when symptoms of corona appear. If you have mild symptoms of coronavirus and if you do not keep a distance from your partner then surely there could be the possibility that your partner will also get infected with corona.

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