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This Famous Bollywood Actress’ 7 Years Old Son Threatened And Abused by the Neighbour

The Mohabbtein film fame actress Preeti Jhangiani has recently filed a police complaint at Khar police station. This was against a senior citizen Arif Siddique. She accused him of threatening and abusing her seven-year-old son Jayveer Dabas.

As per the report of Mid Day,

“Four boys including Jayveer were playing on the premises of Shiva Sthan. For some reason, one of the boys punched Jayveer into his stomach and in return, Jayveer abused him by saying ‘stupid’. The boy went to his house and informed his grandfather Arif Siddhiqui. The fumed Siddhiqui immediately reached on the ground floor where the kids were playing and vented out his anger on Jayveer. Siddiqui threatened and abused Jayveer and told the security guard to throw him out of the building campus.”

Jayveer returned home with her nanny and younger brother and narrated the incident to his mother Preeti Jhangiani. An inside source revealed that,

“She (Preeti) waited for the arrival of Parvin Dabas, who was out of the station.”

Preeti Jhangiani and her husband Parvin Dabas told Mid Day that their son was ‘completely traumatized’.

“We somehow convinced him to attend his school.”

Meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s sister-in-law, Shrima, whose son was also a part of the playgroup, told that,

 “There was scuffle among boys playing football on the ground. When I intervened, the elderly man tried to demean me. He was very very aggressive.”

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