Husband Pleaded For His Heavily Pregnant Wife to ‘run, run, run’ After She Was Shot With Crossbow

In a very shocking incident, eight months pregnant Sana Muhammad was killed in front of her five children as she did the washing up at the family home in Ilford, east London, on Monday morning. The murderer was hiding inside a shed at the property and attacked her husband Imtiaz Muhammad before chasing him inside the home.

Sana was 35 years old and was already a mother of 5 children. She was hit by a bolt. After then, with the help of neighbours, she was immediately taken to the hospital where medics delivered her baby son with the arrow still lodged in her abdomen.

Her husband Imtiaz, 42, pleaded for his wife Sana Muhammad to ‘run, run, run’ when he spotted a man armed with a crossbow in a shed in their garden. The arrow narrowly missed her unborn baby, who was safely delivered via c-section, but 35-year-old Sana died hours later. She delivered a son and her heart-broken family named him Ibrahim.

Imtiaz narrated the horrific incident and told that she was shot in front of her 5 children who are aged 1, 4, 12, 15 and 17. She had 2 children from her previous partner and 3 with Imtiaz.

He said,

“I went to put a cardboard box in the shed. He was there with the crossbow loaded. He stared at me, he was going to shoot so I ran into the house. My wife was doing the washing up, I was shouting ‘run, run run’. He shot her. I can’t help thinking she took my arrow. Maybe it should have hit me. The kids were all there, it was horrific.”

Sana Muhammad with husband Imtiaz Muhammad

The police investigation is going on and they will find soon what was the motive behind such a cruel murder.