Entertainment Bollywood This Famous Star Bollywood Actress is a Mother of 34 Daughters

This Famous Star Bollywood Actress is a Mother of 34 Daughters

Becoming parents is the biggest blessing in the world. You get a child, you nurture them and raise them up mannerly so that he/she will contribute to making the world good for living. And special are those children who are adopted by others. In Bollywood, many stars have set an example before others by adopting children. The names are many including former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Salim Khan, Mithun Chakravarti, Raveena Tandon, Neelam Kothari, Sunny Leone, Kunal Kapoor etc.

But did you know? There exist a Bollywood actress who didn’t even adopt two or three but total 34 children. Yes, you read it right, 34! All of them are girls. If you are curious to know who is she? Then let us tell you she has been a star actress of Bollywood. We are talking about none other than Preity Zinta.

Yes, she is a mother of 34 daughters. Actually, when Preity turned 34 she decided to become a mother of 34 daughters. In the year 2009, she adopted 34 girls from Madhur Miracle School, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Preity financially supports the education and food of these 34 girls.

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