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“Ram Rahim Murdered Many People and Buried Them in the Dera” Reveals Prime Witness Khatta Singh

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Ram Rahim sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the two rape cases. A series of dreadful crimes are revealed with this case committed by Ram Rahim including murders, castration etc. Khatta Singh, an eye witness and former disciple of Baba Ram Rahim revealed very shocking things about Guru Ram Rahim.

Who is Khatta Singh?

Khatta Singh was Ram Rahim’s driver in the year 2002. He is the prime witness of CBI. While he was serving as a driver in the Dera, on July 10, 2002, Dera’s manager Ranjit Singh got murdered. Dera suspected Ranjit of making her sister to write a secret letter against Baba Ram Rahim. In the same year, a local news reporter and editor Ramchandra Chhatrapati was also murdered.

Prime witness Khatta Singh claims that Baba Ram Rahim has murdered many people he thought was against him and buried them in the Dera so that nobody can catch him. Khatta Singh served as a Baba Rahim’s driver for 9 years. He revealed in his series of murders the one belonged to Gora Singh, a teenage boy who was murdered by Guru Ram Rahim. He was shot dead by Guru Ram Rahim and then his body was burned inside the Dera.

He revealed that after murdering people, their dead bodies used to bury inside the Dera or threw away in the river alongside the Dera. Khatta Singh claims that if the Dera will be investigated by the police possibility is there that many dead bodies will be found by them.


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