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Private Whatsapp Chats Are No Longer Personal Govt Will Have Access

Now your most private chats on Whatsapp, Skype etc will no longer be personal. The Government wants access to be able to read your chats and personal messages. The government has introduced a new internet security policy which will provide the Government a complete and unrestrained access to all your online messages and chats.


The Draft National Encryption Policy on internet security seeks to control and assess the security of mobile applications apps by having the data stored for 90 days in plain text format which makes it sensitive for the Government and private agencies and prone to cyber attacks as well.


What more? You think you can get away by simply deleting the messages? Well, Not so simple! You will not be able to delete the chats and messages before 90 days, atleast not from the server’s database! This means that the internet security and the Government wants you to save all messages for up to 90 days and be able to produce them if asked by the authorities.


“Whatever little semblance of privacy exists, will be evaporated if this draft policy were to be implemented”, said Pavan Duggal, cyber law expert and Supreme Court advocate.

“The government may hold the users liable, according to the draft policy. The user has to keep data in ‘plain text’ for 90 days. Most people in the country don’t even understand what it means,” said Nikhil Pahwa, editor of cyber issues website MediaNama. “We all have messages and information that we want to keep secure, and is legal, so why shouldn’t we able to keep that information private, away from the prying eyes of government officials?”


Nothing Private anymore! Is there? You couldn’t have consensual sex in India and now You can’t even privately chat in India!

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