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Entertainment Tragic Story of a Leading Actress Who Was in a Live-in Relationship...

Tragic Story of a Leading Actress Who Was in a Live-in Relationship With a Director Murdered By Her Sons

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Priya Rajvansh, the first Heer of Bollywood cinema has an untold story to reveal from the past. She became every bachelor’s heart beat later in the year 1970 with her film Heer-Raanjha (1970). Born in 1937 in Shimla Priya was one of the beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood in the 70s era but her story is very tragic.

There are many names in the Bollywood world who came there to make big but their life remained an unsolved mystery. One of them was Veera Sundar Singh who had an on-screen name, Priya Rajvansh. She was in a live-in relationship with director Chetan Anand and was murdered by her own stepsons along with their maid. 

How she entered in Bollywood?

She was born in 1937 in Shimla and started her studies while staying in Shimla. She was interested in acting from her childhood days. This was the reason she used to take parts in various dramas and other activities during her school days. Her father was conservator in Forest Department and was sent to Britain by United Nations Organization. Priya went to London along with her father. Ther in London, she took admission in a famous Institute of Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 


Photos made her get a chance in Bollywood

When Priya used to work in dramas or stage shows, one of the photographers clicked her photos. Luckily these photos were noticed by Chetan Anand at his friend’s place and signed Priya for his next film. Actually that time Chetan was searching for a new face for his film Haqeeqat (1964). 

Chetan was not happy with his married life

Chetan was not happy with his married life with wife Uma. In such situation, he came close to Priya during the shoot of the film. However, Chetan was 16 years older than Priya but even then they fell in love and Priya decided to move with Chetan. Chetan was so in love with Priya that he fought with his brothers, superstar Dev Anand and Vijay Anand to take her in a film. Priya used to live with Chetan but they were not married. Chetan made a new bungalow for Priya where they used to live together. However, the problem arose after Chetan’s sudden demise in 1997. The bungalow he built for Priya was supposed to be the main reason that took Priya’s life.
Its price was increasing day by day. Chetan’s sons Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand wanted to throw Priya out of this house but they failed to do so.

Conspiracy of Priya’s murder 

Filled with greed Ketan and Vivek made a plan to murder Priya along with her maid Mala Chaudhary and an employee Ashok Chinnaswamy. Their motive was thought to be rights to her inheritance of Chetan Anand’s property. She was murdered on 27 March 2000 in Chetan Anand’s Ruia Park bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai, India. 

Priya Rajvansh and Chetan Anand in 1996

The four accused were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2002.


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