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News Priyanka Chopra Calls Sikkim as Insurgency Affected State Sparks Controversy

Priyanka Chopra Calls Sikkim as Insurgency Affected State Sparks Controversy

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Priyanka Chopra, one of the highest paid actresses of the Bollywood always stays in limelight. Whether it’s about her work in Hollywood or creating controversies. In a recent scenario, the “Desi Girl” courts a controversy by calling the Indian state Sikkim as Insurgency affected area of India. On the other hand, the Quantico star also announced the Sikkimese movie ‘Pahuna’ which she is producing as the first movie to come out from the region.

Controversy on Calling Sikkim an Insurgency Affected State

As both these claims are not true, her such statement made the people of the region very upset as well as angry. The Miss World made these two statements during an interview during TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). She was here for the promotions of her film ‘Pahuna’. While speaking about her film ‘Pahuna’ the star said,

“Sikkim is a small state from Northeast India. It is an insurgency affected place. It never had a film industry. Never before anyone has made a film from Sikkim. Our film is the first movie to be made in this region. This film is based on the story of two kids who get separated from their parents while fleeing the Maoist agitation from Nepal to Sikkim. The entire cast and many of the technicians are from Sikkim. It is a take on the refugee crisis from the eye of two kids.”

Priyanka Chopra’s film Pahuna

Sikkim is a beautiful and hilly North-eastern state of India. It is one of the beautiful tourist spots. As per as cinema is concerned, Sikkim doesn’t really have a giant movie producing industry like Bollywood and so as ‘Pahuna’ certainly is not the first full-length feature film to come from the state. Talented filmmaker, Prashant Rasaily has made acclaimed films like ‘Katha’ and ‘Acharya’ featuring the stories from the state Sikkim. This year a Lepcha film ‘Dhokbu’ premiered which also earned a lot of praise. There are many other films in which stars like Danny Denzongpa has featured. Veteran actor Danny also belongs to Sikkim and these movies commercially hit.

People of Sikkim as well the other Indians raged over Priyanka’s statement of calling Sikkim an insurgent state. As per the reports, the crime rate of the state is almost negligible. It is considered as one of the peaceful states of the country. To let you know, Priyanka Chopra is also the Brand Ambassador of Assam. It is not wrong to say that Miss World really did a mistake this time!


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