Priyanka Chopra was recently all over the New York Times Square Billboards and we couldn’t help but get more curious. And now for the past few weeks Priyanka has been flying to and forth between India and Canada for the shoot of her first ever American Television show “Quantico” and when asked she admits being really nervous about Quantico.

A still from Quantico Source: Google

“I don’t know what else to feel. I feel this way about all my movies, except that this (the show) will happen every week. So I think I’ll be nervous before every episode is aired. It is a weird, new feeling. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens,” says Priyanka.

Friends and Family in India are gushing with excitement seeing Priyanka all over America on Billboards..

Which Priyanka herself hasn’t seen yet..“I’m actually sitting in Montreal shooting, so it’s my friends and family in America and the UK who’ve sent me pictures,” she says. So, how different is it, shooting for a TV show in Canada, and working on a movie in Bollywood? “For me, the functioning is pretty much the same, the language of communication is the only difference,” says Priyanka.

Check out the trailer of Quantico right here..

“I’m Really Proud Of it” – Priyanka Chopra and so are we! Can’t wait for the show!

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