This girls is on fire! PC first recorded a hit single “In my city” with Pitbull, then she went on to debut in hollywood with her TV show Quantico, for which she won a people’s choice award for, now if some reports are to be believed, Priyanka Chopra will share the screen with Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch.

(left) cast of baywatch (right) Priyanka chopra with her people’s choice award.source: bollywoodbubble

Baywatch was a famous 90’s TV serial, which is going to adapted into a movie. If the deal is finalised the actress would be joining Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson in the movie.It will be a film that centres on the leader of an elite group of lifeguards (Johnson), who is forced to team up with a young, hotshot former Olympian (Efron) to save their beloved bay.

The Rock surprised PC on Twitter last month when he posted “World Domination” on a picture posted by her. The actress replied, “World domination all the way @TheRock. Keep paving the way.” To which The Rock replied, “I know you’re right there w/me PC…:” Priyanka reply came quick, “I so am.”