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Priyanka Chopra Spreading Awareness For COVID 19

Arpita Mackelvy



The threat of corona virus is hovering all over the world. Many countries are in the grip. Its cases are also increasing continuously in India. Since the situation is serious therefore, the efforts are being made by health organizations and governments to avoid this. In this situation, our famous Priyanka Chopra has been locked in the house for one week due to Corona virus. However, She is constantly trying to spread awareness against Covid 19 through social media platforms.

In context to this, on Thursday, Priyanka will be live on Instagram and Facebook at 12.30 pm with doctors working on 19 viruses and officials of the World Health Organization. Priyanka Chopra has given this information through Twitter. Posting a video she said, that the situation going on at the moment is like a film, but it is not a film. She has been in the house for a week with her husband Nick. 

With her video, She wrote – I will be live on Instagram and Facebook with Dr. Trados at 12.30 pm. Maria von Karkhov from WHO and Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen. You can ask them all the questions about Kovid 19, to which you will get the answers directly from the right source.  Priyanka is saying that there are many questions about Corona even in her mind. The special thing about technology is that we can come to each other even after staying away and can help each other. You can get the feeling of being together even if not together. 

Priyanka further said that it reminds that when something happens to one community, it also affects other communities as well. We have all become global citizens. Be safe Send your questions, I will try to get answers to all.

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