Priyanka Chopra talks about her connection with skiing, says she wasn’t exposed to ski culture’ in India

Priyanka Chopra has talked about how Nick Jonas is a pro at snowboarding, while she is a long way behind and nearly gave up on skiing. Nick had even gifted Priyanka a snowmobile during their vacation a couple of years prior, so she could ‘catch up’ with him.

In a recent interaction with Variety, Priyanka opened up about her connection with skiing, I grew up in India and I wasn’t exposed to ski culture. But I did love the mountains. My dad took us to Kashmir every summer and I filmed a lot in Switzerland, so ski culture was something that I got familiar with. However, I never tried skiing until I met my husband, who’s an avid snowboarder.”

She added, “I came to the quick conclusion that I’m more an après-ski (relaxation after skiing) girl, rather than skiing. I gave up on the bunny slope. My husband did buy me a snowmobile so I could keep up with him.”

Priyanka as of late celebrated her 40th birthday celebration at a beach destination. She was joined by singer spouse Nick Jonas and few of their close friends, however, their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas was not seen in any of the photos from the celebrations. Nick had made special arrangements for the actress’s birthday with a custom-made banner with ‘Priyanka! The Jewel of July Est 1982’ written on it and placards.