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Priyanka Chopra’s Brother Canceled Marriage After Engagement With Two Girls in 4 Years

A few days ago, Priyanka Chopra’s younger brother Sidharth Chopra was in news for calling off his marriage. He called off it with her ex-fiancee Ishita Kumar with whom he got engaged in February. Ishita Kumar, a few days ago posted a new picture of herself hanging out at a restaurant and the caption she gave to it signalled at something dubious. It read: “Cheers to new beginnings. With a goodbye kiss to beautiful endings.”

Ishita’s parents and relatives also commented on her photo, her mother Nidhi Kumar and father Anirudh commented, ‘We are with you’.

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Ishita has deleted all the photos from her engagement and bridal shower that she shared earlier on her Instagram.

Now Priyanka’s mother Madhu has revealed the reason behind the broken engagement, she said, “My son Siddharth said he was not ready for marriage yet. He explained he needed more time. They (Siddharth and Ishita) have mutually called it off.”

Well, we don’t understand that how much time he needs as he already has taken 4 years. Yes, Siddharth got engaged in 2015 too with a girl named Kanika Mathur. Yes, it isn’t the first time Siddharth Chopra was so close to getting married. In 2014-15, he had his Roka ceremony with his then-girlfriend Kanika Mathur and the two were all set to get married in Goa on February 2015.

However, similarly, Sidharth’s wedding was suspiciously called off for unknown reasons. Later his family sources told the media that, “Siddharth wants to concentrate on his career. Priyanka is also not in the country at the moment and the wedding cannot take place without her.”

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