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Priyanka Chopra’s Brother’s Fiancee Ends Engagement? Deletes Pictures And Hints at New Beginnings

A few days ago Priyanka Chopra posted some photos of her younger brother Sidharth’s engagement. He got engaged to a beautiful girl named Ishita Kumar in a traditional Hindu Roka Ceremony. The news was shared by Priyanka Chopra. She took to Instagram and posted some pictures from the Roka ceremony. She captioned the post, “So proud of my baby brother. Ishita welcome to the family.. you r so beautiful together.. I wish you both the best for the future ! Happy Roka!! @ishittaakumar @siddharthchopra89 

But now it seems there’s something wrong! As Priyanka Chopra recently came to India to attend her brother Siddharth Chopra’s wedding but returned a few days later. It is because his wedding was reportedly postponed. The reason that came to light earlier was Ishita’s emergency surgery but rumours now suggest the couple broke up a few days before.

Ishita Kumar, a few days ago posted a new picture of herself hanging out at a restaurant and the caption she gave to it signalled at something dubious. It read: “Cheers to new beginnings. With a goodbye kiss to beautiful endings.”

Ishita’s parents also commented on her photo, her mother Nidhi Kumar commented, ‘Close the old book and open the new’ whereas her father commented, ‘We are with you’. Ishita has deleted all the photos from her engagement and bridal shower that she shared earlier on her Instagram.

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