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Priyanka Chopra’s Pet Dog Diana’s Winter Jacket Costs Rs 36 Lakhs!

Priyanka Chopra’s Pet Dog Diana’s Winter Jacket Costs Rs 36 Lakhs!


Why celebrities are called stars? Yes, because of the luxurious lifestyle and popularity they have. One of the popular celebrity is Priyanka Chopra who is not only popular in Bollywood but Hollywood too. It is so obvious to estimate that what kind of life the actress leads – royal and luxurious.

Priyanka is close to many in her life – it includes her family and pet dog Diana. She loves Diana dearly. We are talking about Diana Chopra, her adorable little pooch. Priyanka loves Diana so much that she got her a jacket from the label Moncler. Not only a jacket, but Diana was also styled by PeeCee’s stylist Mimi Cutrell.

Now, if you are wondering why this jacket is getting all the attention? Then we want to tell you that, it is the price of this jacket which costs around EUR 455,00 which amounts to Rs, 36, 83, 825 INR! Yes, you heard that right. The jacket is from Poldo dog Couture collection.

To let you know, earlier Priyanka was on a vacation in Switzerland with family. She wore a Moncler jacket and a ski suit herself during her Ski trip to the Swiss Alps. The jacket that Priyanka wore costs Rs 1,42,690. Whereas, the ski suit costs about Rs 79,463!

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It is not wrong to say that royalty has a magic all its own!

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