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P*rn Parody of Game of Thrones, Game of Bones 2 Hits The P*rnhub

The worldwide famous show, Game of Thrones has already started with its 8th season on April 14, 2019. But along with that, its porn parody Game of Bones 2 also hit the Pornhub and now it is getting viral among the fans.

This porn parody of GOT titled as Game of Bones 2: Winter Came Everywhere features all those characters that we have watched in GOT including dragons, zombies and other elements as well as hardcore, uncensored sex scenes.

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The names of the main characters have been changed into hilariously funny yet seductive versions. For example, Jon Blow, Areola and Bigfinger. Not only that, its trailer consists of the events that we saw in real Game of Thrones, blended into their genre.

For instance, here is the dialogue of Tormund, converted as:“I remember hearing about the Mad King following his followers that the Wildlings would pay for this wall.”

“And it quickly became a symbol for White Walker nationalism” replies his female companion.

Not only HBO but Pornhub also earns a lot with Game of Thrones. However, earlier, in the year 2017, Pornhub reported a drop in visitors during the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. That episode triggered a 4.5 per cent drop in Pornhub traffic.

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