Project Athia is coming to PS5 in January 2022


During the Sony CES live stream, Sony revealed that Square Enix’s Athia Project will launch on PlayStation 5 in January 2022. The window was confirmed through a very small block of text on an image of warning PlayStation, which also confirmed dates for other upcoming PS5 titles. The game’s release date was previously unknown.

Project Athia
Project Athia

Project Athia was first announced as an exclusive title for the PS5 during Sony’s PS5 reveal event stream. The trailer released during the announcement revealed a protagonist leaping and exploring a fantasy world with menacing-looking enemies. The slogans of Project Athia suggest that the protagonist will endure something like a fish-out-of-water ordeal: “In a world that is not his own, where resolution will be tested, truths will be questioned and devotions will be challenged. will be questioned, it will arise. ” Not much else is known about the game at this time.

Project Athia is produced by Luminous Productions of Square Enix, a subsidiary created to develop AAA titles. Past titles from Luminous Productions include only Final Fantasy XV, and Project Athia is the studio’s first departure of an episode of Final Fantasy.

Screenwriter Gary Whitta shared on Twitter that he leads the writing team for Project Athia. The team was made up of “first-rate writers” who worked on “film, television, games and fantasy literature”. Whitta was one of the writers of Rogue One and the writer of Eli’s book.