Candies are liked by each and every kid, moreover, nowadays they are liked by youngsters and adults too due to their promotion by favourite Bollywood actors. In the last few years, candies like Alpenliebe, Mango Bite and Poppins have made great sales and have been favourite amongst Indian kids.

Pulse 'Kaccha Aam' Candy Makes Record, Worth 100 Crore Rupees Sales In 8 Months

It was a surprise to all when a ‘kaccha aam‘ candy set a new record, with sales even more than the sales of the world famous drink, ‘coke zero’. Recently, an 8 months old Dharampal Satyapal (DS) group’s Pulse candy reached the sales of more than 100 crore rupees and the sale of the candy is still increasing at an incredible rate.

Along with the market of hard boiled candies, even the sales of other candies are also increasing. “Eclairs and soft toffees segment grew in single digits in 2015 in comparison to hardboiled candy segment. Lollipops are the other segment witnessing healthy growth,” says Vijay Udasi, senior VP, Nielsen India.

Pulse 'Kaccha Aam' Candy Makes Record, Worth 100 Crore Rupees Sales In 8 Months

The sale of the sweet candy products all together in India has a business of Rs 6,000 crore and has grown 1.5 times the FMGC industry growth in the country. Which such growth stats, it will be possible to new records made by these little candy companies in future.

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