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Punjabi Actress Pearl Punjabi Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Her Apartment’s Terrace




In a shocking incident, an aspiring actress named Pearl Punjabi ended her life by committing suicide. She jumped off her apartment’s terrace in Mumbai late last night. She was young as she was in her early twenties. According to the reports, she had been trying to get into the cinema world for a long time without any success.

The security guard of the building, Bipin Kumar Thakur said, “It happened between 12:15 and 12:30 am. There was some noise, I thought somebody was shouting on the road. We went there to check what was happening. When I came back, I heard sounds from the third floor where she lived.”

According to the police reports, after not getting work in the industry, Pearl went into depression and became mentally disabled. Reportedly, the girl used to have frequent fights with her mother. Earlier too Punjabi had allegedly tried to kill herself twice but was saved in time. Meanwhile, Oshiwara police is investigating the case.