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High Life Punjabi's Are The Most Chilled People Alive And Different From Other's

Punjabi’s Are The Most Chilled People Alive And Different From Other’s

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Punjabi’s are the most fun loving, cute, generous, kind, warm hearted people. Yes, they are. And they are different than others, well different. You can recognize a Punjabi very easily from the normal crowd, How ? We’ll tell you how ?

Loud, Louder, Loudest

loud,louder, loudest
Source : My Toron

When two normal people are conversing you can hardly hear them or when you pass by your neighbors’ house no voice will be heard. But when you see two Punjabi’s talking you can literally hear them from 1 km of distance.


Gif credit : Miss Malini

Normal  people do not like to hug people as it may feel weird. But not Punjabi’s no not all ! They are huggers whether you are meeting them after a gap of 5 years or just met them yesterday, be ready for a hug ! After all, they are generous people.

Over Dramatic

over dramatic
Credit : shogun

Mostly when something happens people react Yes, that’s entirely true. But when something happens with a Punjabi or in a Punjabi family happens they do not react, They over – react ! This is also entirely true. Mummyji calling from the kitchen  “Oye ! Roti ban gai hun vi jaa” That’s normal in a Punjabi household.

Over-Dressed Always !

punjabi's are overly dressed
Credit : Shogun

Normal people wear normal clothes but for Punjabi’s..plain suits are a big no no ! You have to stand out from the crowd by looking unique. Punjabi’s style is always “Hatke” !

Show – Offs

over show off
Credit : Grabhouse

Punjabi’s are a little show- off than normal people you have to agree but always in good faith.

Always Energetic

always energetic
Credit : Men

Punjabi people do not get tired, they are always high ! not that high, normal people get tired but Punjabi’s “Sawal he nai “.


Credit : Reshare

Normal people eat but a Punjabi do not eat they store. If you want to eat some really delicious food, make a Punjabi friend.

Wanna Get Drunk ?

wanna get drunk
Credit : Catch

Some people drink, but Punjabi drinks too much.

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