Every guy loves bodybuilding and why not? Each and every girl dies on a guy with a muscular and hot body. This might be great for non-vegetarian bodybuilders but is a loop-hole for the vegetarian population as they find it very difficult to get a rich source of protein in vegetarian ways. If you are also amongst one of those vegetarian bodybuilders of India then you also might be annoyed by reading so many articles about protein rich diet which always contain non-vegetarian products. Therefore, to solve your confusion here we present you the list of pure Indian vegetarian diet for vegetarian bodybuilders:

1. Bananas

Pure Indian Vegetarian Diet For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Bananas are very rich in potassium content which is responsible for a proper muscle and bone growth and also controls bloating and puffiness as well as the cramps which a body gets after a very exhausting workout, therefore with these many benefits in bodybuilding aspect, it is a very good Indian vegetarian diet for a vegetarian bodybuilder.

2. Spinach

Pure Indian Vegetarian Diet For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Another good food for vegetarian bodybuilders is spinach. Spinach is very rich in protein content, moreover, the quality of proteins which spinach contains is much better than that of eggs.

3. Sweet potatoes

Pure Indian Vegetarian Diet For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Sweet potatoes are a very good ‘low calorie’ source of food which contains good carbs in a high amount which are enough to keep an individual active and highly energised during a workout session.

4. Nuts

Pure Indian Vegetarian Diet For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts and coconuts are a very rich source of high-quality proteins and fats which make them look very tempting to eat for gaining muscles. Moreover, nuts are also a very rich source of fiber which helps in maintaining your calorie level even after workouts.

5. Beans and legumes

Pure Indian Vegetarian Diet For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Ever heard of beans and legumes like dal, channa and rajma? I think yes, indeed rajma-chawal are even one of the most favourite vegetarian dishes of India. If you like these beans very much then be happy because they are also a very good source of protein and are really very efficient for boosting your muscle mass.

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