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High Life 10 Things Guys Want To Know About Girls and Masturbation

10 Things Guys Want To Know About Girls and Masturbation

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Most guys think that girls don’t masturbate at all. It’s only the guy thing. Thankfully though some people know that girls do masturbate and they may have some questions about that. so guys here are some top 10 questions on masturbation by girls.

1. Do you masturbate often as we guys do?

No, not as often. If you guys masturbate 12 times a month then we masturbate roughly five times a month. So, you are much ahead of us.

2. But, how do you manage with long fingernails?

Well we don’t have long nails always. However, long nails are luxury that most situations don’t allow us to have. So they don’t get in the way while we’re masturbating. Moreover, they accumulate dirt under, so they are not healthier either.

3. And, what do you do during periods?

If you’ve had sex with woman during her periods the period flow during penetration reduces. But you know it becomes messy so we hold on till are periods are over.

4. What actually makes you to masturbate?

Same things that make man to masturbate – sometimes the lack of anything to do better and other times we’re turned on. At last, we are humans like you.

5. Do you watch porn while doing it too?

Only when we want a catalyst to get the juices flowing. Otherwise or fertile imagination and sexting paves away.

6. Do you touch yourself elsewhere while masturbating?

You mean we play with boobs? Anyway why man are so much obsessed with boobs? Well, at times we do but mostly don’t. We do love our boobs but we aren’t much fascinated as you man are.

7. What do you fantasize about?

The mind loses control when it’s nearing an orgasm and screening random people in. Of course you’ve experienced it too. The mind does wonder even if may try to focus on our partners.

8. Do you use anything except your hands?

The trouble is when even if we would love to use sex toys, they are not much readily available in the Indian markets. It is more difficult to use them if you live with you parents. So we would love some external help but our environment is not conducive to it.

9. How long do you have to be at it?

That differ from one individual to another. Just like some women climax easily and other need to keep it up. Self help may take few minutes more.

10. Why do most girls act like they don’t?

Blame society and it’s contorted idea that women masturbate and worse, who masturbate and don’t hide it are promiscuous because they are attesting to their sexuality.

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